1. more superheroes with disabilities
  2. more superheroes with visible physical and prominent mental disabilities which affect their day-to-day lives and their superheroing in negative, significant ways
  3. more superheroes proud of who they are and fine with their disability
  4. more superheroes with entire arcs about accepting and learning to work with their disabilities
  5. no more magical recovery from disabilities

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the  new ask meme: send me literally anything and ill tell you something i hate about it

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hi! i know you said you read a lot of lesbian literature. do you think you could make a rec list of your favourites (or just... all of them). it'd be awesome, and thank you in advance if you do, but obviously i understand if you don't want to, are too busy, etc :)



Sure I will!

The first thing to say as that most, if not all, of these books are in some ways imperfect in terms of representation (e.g. be that falling into racial tropes etc.), but none have done so in a way that has seriously impacted on my enjoyment of them. Some of them are also clearly not wonderful works of literature, but none of them are awful either. Those books I never finish so aren’t on the list. I’ve grouped them by vague genres/categories. I should also point out that these books would more correctly be labelled as ‘queer women’ literature. This list is by no means complete. I may make a second list in the near future.

Historical Fiction (and by historical, I mean anything pre-1980s):

  • The Dark Wife by Sarah Diemer | This book chronicles the story of Persephone, taking us from her first love to her life in the underworld with a Hades. As you can probably guess from this being in a list of ‘lesbian’ literature, this Hades is quite different from the Hades in popular myth. This book isn’t the most elegant of reads, but it does tell a sweet story. Everything is a little simple and easily resolved, but it isn’t long, so I wasn’t expecting anything different. | Rating: 7/10
  • Alcestis by Katherine Beutner | This is another book which revolves around Greek myth, and again portrays Persephone, but in a very different manner. Alcestis is the daughter of a nobleman and marries another nobleman, Admetus, who is favoured by Apollo. When it is time for her husband to die, she instead goes to the underworld in his place, becoming embroiled in Persephone’s world. | Rating: 6.5/10
  • Map of Ireland by Stephenie Grant | Contrary to what is suggested by the title, this story does not take place in Ireland, but in Boston, USA in the 1970s. The story follows Ann, a 16 year old girl from an Irish family who struggles with discovering her sexuality and her identity in the midst of the desegregation of the school system. And of course, she falls for one of her teachers, Mademoiselle Eugenie, and unwittingly becomes involved with the Black Power movement. | Rating: 8/10 (mostly for writing style)
  • Bodies of Water by T. Greenwood | This novel is split between modern day and the 1960s. Billie is somewhat disgruntled housewife whose life is turned upside down when the beautiful Eva and her family move in across the road. The story follows their love affair and the echoes of the aftermath in Billie’s old age. | Rating: 8/10
  • Time of Grace by Gabriella  | An English girl travels to Ireland in 1915 to work as a governess in the home of an English family in the countryside somewhere near of Dublin. There she falls for the family’s feisty maid, Grace, an ardent Irish republican (for American and other readers not familiar with Irish politics, this is very different from US Republicans. It is, most simplistically, a person who believes in a free Ireland). Their relationship is tested in the lead up to the Easter Rising, in which Grace is determined to play an integral part. | Rating 9/10
  • The Spanish Pearl by Catherine Friend | When Kate, a struggling artist, finds herself magically transported back in time to the Moorish occupation of Spain, she is horrified by a world lacking in coffee shops, femminism and mod-cons. She is taken prisoner by a group of Christian soldiers and taking to a Moorish court where she is kept prisoner in the harem (yup, she’s confused too, and wishes she’d paid more attention to her - annoying - historian girlfriend). When her developing feelings for the charming Christian soldier Luis Navarro sends her into an identity crisis and the arms of a Moorish princess who is not used to the word ‘no’, she finds a marriage of convenience anything but inconvenient. | Rating: 9/10
  • The Crown of Valencia by Catherine Friend | Sequel to The Spanish Pearl. I’ve only just started reading it.

Modern Novels (i.e. set post 1980):

  • The Miseducation of Cameron Post by Emily M. Danforth | Small town girl falls in love with the popular girl at school and, when they’re discovered, gets sent to a pray-away-the-gay camp. This is a long, rewarding novel. I highly recommend it. | Rating: 10/10
  • Empress of the World by Sara Ryan | Nicola goes to summer school, where she meets Battle (forgive the name) and falls head over heals. The style takes a little getting used to, but its worth it. | Rating: 9/10
  • The Rules for Hearts by Sara Ryan | This novel follows Battle’s (see above) summer before college. | Rating: 7.5/10
  • Between You and Me by Melissa Calin | This book follows Phyre, a highschool student who falls for her teacher and then realises that what she’s really been searching for has been standing beside her all along. | Rating: 6/10
  • Everything Leads to You by Nina LaCour | An intern in set design comes across a secret in the house of a late Hollywood Legend and goes about seeking the actor’s unwitting heir, finding romance along the way. | Rating: 8/10

Sailor/Pirate Novels:

  • She Rises by Kate Worsley | This is your classic maid meets mistress, falls in love, dresses as a man and gets mistakenly ‘recruited’ in the Royal Navy kind of story. Yup, you heard me. This was my first foray into the genre I like to call ‘lesbians at sea’. I may have become a little addicted… | Rating: 9/10
  • Branded Ann by Merry Shannon | Branded Ann is a ruthless pirate with a bad reputation and a mysterious past. When she takes a ship and spares no mercy to those on board, Violet, who was on board the ship with her new husband, is taken prisoner and turns Ann’s world upside-down. But there is treasure to be won and both Ann and Violet’s pasts start to catch up with them. | Rating: 8/10
  • A Pirate’s Heart by Catherine Friend | Split between a modern librarian on the hunt for a map thief (and a Pirate’s lost treasure map) with the help of a PI, and the life of pirate Thomasina Farris. Thomasina rescues a woman from a slave ship and soon finds her quest for treasure being hampered by her feelings for her new shipmate. | Rating: 8.5/10
  • The Sublime and Spirited Journey of Original Sin by Colette Moody | When a group of pirates steal ashore to kidnap a doctor to tend to their wounded captain, they have to settle for his seamstress fiancée instead. Clichéd pirate stuff ensues. | Rating: 6/10  


  • Adaptation by Malinda Lo | Bisexuals, aliens and non-traditional representations of gender. What more could you ask for in a young adult novel? Seriously, read this series. See also Inheritance and Natural Selection. | Rating: 8/10


  • Ash by Malinda Lo | Ash is a retelling of Cinderella with fairies and dashing huntresses. It’s a lovely read. | Rating: 8/10
  • Huntress by Malinda Lo | Huntress takes place in the same universe as Ash and is a classic fantasy journey novel with a queer twist. Extra points for racial diversity, which is lacking in YA queer lit.
  • Divine Touched by Cassandra Duffy | Female assassins (Calista), sword maidens (Harper), adventuring, ogres, giants, gods and goddesses, Viking-like female warriors, new fantasy races, this novel has it all. I steamed through this novel and its sequel, though I definitely preferred the first book. | Rating: 9/10
  • Eternal Autumn by Cassandra Duffy | Takes up where Divine Touched left off. This novel focuses less on Harper and Calista than I would have liked, but it features a poly relationship which makes up for it. | Rating: 7/10
  • Nightshade by Shea Godfrey | Princess Jessa is sent to the neighbouring kingdom with her cruel brother to court the son of the kingdom’s King. There she meets Darry, the King’s ‘backwards’ daughter. Lots of longing and romance ensues. I LOVE this book because I’m a ridiculous romantic. One of the main characters is a POC from Arabic/Indian/Pakistani (its not specific) type culture and I should warn that the depiction of the treatment of women in their culture follows the negative stereotype. It’s sequel comes out this autumn. | Rating: 9.5/10 (Would be 10/10 if not for the stereotyping)
  • Sword and Guardian by Merry Shannon | When Talon (a woman disguised as a man in order to protect her sisters from their kidnappers) dives in front of a dagger to save the life of her sister, she also saves the life of the King’s only daughter. When her secret is discovered, the King sees the perfect opportunity to gain a guard for her daughter whom he can trust to sleep beside her bed. He didn’t count on lesbians. | Rating: 8.5/10

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24 Invaluable Skills to Learn For Free Online in 2014 


1. Become awesome at Excel. (x)

2. Learn how to code. (x) (x)

3. Make a dynamic website. (x) (x) (x)

4. Learn to make a mobile game. (x) (x)

5. Start reading faster. (x)

6. Learn a language! (x)

7. Pickle your own vegetables. (x)

8. Improve your public speaking skills. (x)

9. Get a basic handle of statistics. (x)

10. Understand basic psychology. (x)

11. Make your own music. Guitar (x) Voice (x) Songwriting (x) Music Production (x)

12. Learn to negotiate. (x)

13. Stop hating math. (x)

14. Start drawing! (x)

15. Make your own animated GIF. (x)

16. Appreciate jazz. (x)

17. Write better. (x) (x)

18. Get better at using photoshop. (x)

19. Take decent pictures. (x) (x)

20. Learn to knit. (x)

21. Get started with investing in stocks. (x) (x)

22. Clean your house in a short amount of time. (x) (x)

23. Start practicing yoga. (x) (x)

24. Tie your shoelaces more efficiently. (x)

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I don’t think people realize how much of a problem Zayn’s tweet is. His acceptance and support of the Palestinian/Arab terrorists makes it seem like murdering Israeli citizens an okay thing for them to be doing. To be quite honest, I don’t think he knows everything that’s currently going on in the Middle East. Because how could anyone support the murder of people who only want to make peace? Israel doesn’t want a war. Not with the people in Gaza, not with Palestinians, not with anyone. The IDF is defending the country, and the country is being bombed because it exists. That’s really it. When it comes down to it, Israel is being attacked daily because of two things: because it exists, and because it exists as a Jewish state.

So, no, “Free Palestine” isn’t okay under any circumstances. If that were to happen, Israel would be wiped off the map. 

Get your facts straight before you post, please. Do a little research. It won’t kill you. 

Actually, I have done a lot of research, and you’re wrong about a lot of this. I’ll provide many links and resources and try to explain why people all over the world, including Zayn and myself, support Palestine and condemn Israel. I hope you take the time to read everything because a good number of people are very misinformed about this—I myself was for awhile—given that the media is very biased in Israel’s favor.

First of all, why are the very, very few Israeli citizens killed in this latest conflict more important than the hundreds of Palestinians killed, and the hundreds of thousands displaced (in total 3 Israeli civilians have died and 40 soldiers—meanwhile the count of Palestinian deaths is over 1,000)? Most of the missiles Hamas has shot are intercepted by the dome and they have very little man power compared to Israel, which has one of the most powerful armies in the world. Palestine is fighting against a huge world power for their freedom with barely anything.

It’s important to acknowledge that nothing we’re seeing is new: Israel has been doing this to Gaza and the Palestinians as a whole for decades. This current bloody operation of Israel is Operation Protective Edge, but as recently as 2008, Israel engaged in a similar operation called Cast Lead which resulted in over 1300 Palestinian deaths (many of them, like this time, innocent people) and now they’ve killed over 1,000 people again. And the UN then, just they have now, suggested Israel is engaging in war crimes against Palestinians (see the last link). Israelis have killed Palestinian civilians long before Hamas existed. They started firing bombs at Gaza this time around before they discovered the tunnels. All their “reasons” for this attack are excuses.

Israel is NOT being bombed “because it exists.” Palestinians were living on the land first. Also, Israel has Gaza under siege. Gaza is a tiny strip of land that is one of the most densely populated places on earth and they have literally trapped all the people there, all 1.8 million of them. They also won’t even let enough clean water or food in for Gazans to live properly. These people are living in dire poverty in the largest open air prison in the world: that is why they are fighting Israel.

These are Gaza’s demands for a cease fire, for peace. Do any of these seem unreasonable to you? All Israel has to do is stop oppressing Palestinians and the violence will stop. Instead, they are continuing the ethnic cleansing and oppression they started.

It’s also important to look beyond the lies and talking points on the pro-Israel side. Although Israel has accused Hamas of using Palestinians as human shields, there’s no conclusive evidence of it, but the UN accused Israel of using Palestinians as human shields in the past. There’s also evidence Israel has also used chemical weapons, white phosphorous bombs (a banned and brutal weapon), and other inhumane and illegal weapons against Palestinian civilians.

Just so you know: I’m Jewish. I used to not know many of the details regarding what was happening. And I understand a lot of people are misinformed because the media is really Pro-Israel, especially in the US which spends billions of dollars in aid to Israel yearly. But I did my research (and I am continuing to do research), and the more I find out the worse it gets. For one thing, Israel is incredibly racist. Israel’s definition of a “Jewish State” is inherently racist: it includes changing the “demographics” of the land—basically if it’s “too Arab,” it’s not a Jewish state. Problem is, the rate things are going, the Arab population of Israel (and I’m talking Arab Israelis with citizenship in Israel) will outnumber the Jews. Do you think Israelis will stop at killing Palestinians in Gaza and West Bank? They are already striving to drive Palestinian Israelis out of the country (this book by Ali Abunimah goes into all these issues with citations—the free sample on Amazon goes over everything I said in this paragraph—you can also use the search feature; edit: although I encourage purchasing the book! i intend to once I have the money!).

If you don’t believe me that they’re racist, Israelis have even forcefully kept Ethiopian JEWISH women from reproducing because they aren’t “Jewish enough” (aka they are Black) and they want to control the “purity” of their “demographics.” They are literally engaging in ethnic cleansing, genocide and eugenics. Israel’s system of racist profiling has become infamous (and is the model for US airports’ racist racial profiling system—Abunimah’s book also goes into these facts as well). Israel also has a racist electronic ID system that allows them to treat Israeli citizens differently according to their ethnicity and religion—and to carefully control and monitor the movements of Palestinian Israeli citizens—these are their OWN citizens, this is an obvious violation of human rights. They also refuse to give Palestinian refugees who lived in the land first and have been displaced from their homes the Right of Return, while allowing American Jews like me who have NO connection to the country a Birth Right, i.e. Israeli citizenship. I can, for example, go move into a house built where a Palestinian home was just demolished in the West Bank and live there—ILLEGALLY, by the way, all of Israel’s settlements in the West Bank violate international agreements. But Israel keeps encroaching on the land there and displacing Palestinians.

The UK Parliament recognizes Israel’s acts as human rights violations and war crimes. The UN is investigating Israel for war crimes due to this latest onslaught. This all despite the intense pressure to support Israel and the constant backlash against and censorship of pro-Palestinian or anti-Israeli statements. Even so, the international community is finally starting to speak up against Israel. People all over the world are [x] [x]. It’s totally off base to say Zayn and other Pro-palestine people are the ones who need to be informed here.

If you have any issues with any of the sources I used, you can google any of my claims and find many more sources that back up these facts, because that’s what they are: facts. About what Israel has done and is currently doing. If you are only using mainstream media and pro-Israel sources for your research, you won’t know what’s really going on.

As a Jew, I oppose Israel because I support human rights. Israel is founded on human rights violations and it continues to engage in them. Many other Jews like me (even some Israeli Jews!) oppose Israel’s actions; here’s some examples: [x], [x], [x], [x], [x], [x], [x], [x]. This isn’t about Jews versus Arabs (in fact, Arab Jews lived peacefully with Arab Muslims in Palestine before European Jews started stealing the land and killing people). This is about oppressor versus oppressed, colonizer versus colonized. That’s why I stand with Palestine. And I’m proud of Zayn for standing up for human rights.

If you want to continue this discussion I’d be happy to - if you’d prefer to do it in private, that’s fine by me. I can also point you to more news sources and websites with more information. I also ask that my followers do not send this person hate because my goal is to educate people about what is going on. As Ali Abunimah has stated, part of this fight is an ideological battle: Israel wins by spreading lies and misinformation, so my goal is to counteract that with facts and truth. I’m not interested in yelling matches: I’m interested in teaching people so we can join together and support Palestinians and stand against Israel’s crimes.

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"Autistic people do not “recover” and the idea of “recovery” has been profoundly damaging to the Autistic community, encouraging service providers to emphasize normalcy above other more meaningful goals. Furthermore, by teaching Autistic children and adults that “recovery” – pretending to be something we are not – is the “optimal outcome” they can achieve, we send a profoundly damaging message to Autistic people, our families, and the public at large. Autism is a natural part of the human condition and not something to recover from or eliminate. The goal of autism research and service provision should be to create happy Autistic people, not to encourage ‘passing for non-Autistic’ without regard to the impact on our quality of life."

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What you don't like about the representation of Sara's bisexuality in Arrow?


what is there to like about the representation of Sarah’s bisexuality on Arrow? She’s bisexual yet it’s never mentioned, she never gets to identify herself as such, because we’re not allowed to actually hear the b-word on tv. And, sadly, biphobia is so deeply ingrained in our culture that bisexuality of a fictional character has to be stated otherwise audience will assume she’s a ~straight girl who goes gay for Nyssa~ or ~a lesbian who can’t resist Oliver’s manly charm~. I dont think I need to elaborate why that’s harmful. My biggest beef though is about how Sarah's romance with Nyssa was narratively framed in that episode Nyssa first showed up with. Nyssa is an awful person trying to kill Sarah and/or her family and representing all the bad things from Sarah's past and she's literally trying to pull Sarah over to the dark side with her gay love. The episode ends with Sarah being saved by the mighty Oliver and rushing to have sex with him. Like… seriously. You cant get closer to sending the message “queer bad, hetero good” unless one of the characters would shout it to the camera. Obviously I wanted to like Sarah and I wanted to be happy with her bisexuality but I just couldn’t bc of how it was handled. I CANNOT BELIEVE ARROW MADE ME HATE A STORYLINE ABOUT HOT RUTHLESS LADY ASSASSINS. That’s quite an accomplishment.

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CBR: What’s the craziest Flash concept from the comics that you want to make work for the TV show?

GEOFF JOHNS: God — I think if we could make the Rogues work, I think we’ll hit on something that no one else has. The Rogues are such a unique [concept] — I mean, I personally love those characters. They’re such a unique group of villains, and we’re starting with Captain Cold. If we can make that work, I think it will be really a blast to see them together, and the Flash fighting more than one character [more]

(#spoilers for season 1 synopsis)
“What happened here?”
“Just your everyday kind of bad guy shoot-out.”
This is the last thing that reaches Joe before he walks out of the earshot. He allows himself a deep sigh as he gets to the ambulance and settles heavily at the edge of its floor. The hurt muscles of his shoulders sent him a jabbing reminder of what happened not longer than an hour ago.
“Light concussion.” Thawne points at his head with one finger. Joe glances at the patch of bandage Pretty Boy’s clutching against his forehead. It’s pure luck that concussion is the worst he has to worry about. Getting knocked out twice during one action was just… impressive. Joe ponders briefly if Thawne keeps a record of that as well as of his arrests.
Apparently mistaking Joe’s regarding look for an invitation to get closer, Thawne leans in, like he’s going to start talking, but deflates after one pointed glare. Joe rests his hands on his knees, far away from being in a mood to chit chat, and waits without a word for a paramedic to check his vitals.
As the silence falls between them, he gets the feeling that Thawne is observing him again. He doesn’t even try turning his head. He has never managed to catch him staring before, but he did see Thawne’s eyes centered on other people, like Barry, so he knows now he’s at the end of the same cold, evaluating stare. It’s nothing, it shouldn’t unsettle him. It does, nevertheless, so he pointedly focuses on the scene before him.
Barry and Iris still stand where he left them, the boy significantly more jittery. Barry’s stepping from foot to foot and no doubt mingling his explanations as Iris calmly looks on. Joe’s gaze slides over the surroundings, taking in shards of the barn littering the field, and moving to the devastated building itself. The front of it was blown apart by the tornado. Fragment of the wall is dangerously leaning toward the ground and the gaping passage in the roof makes it seem like the barn exploded from within. Oh, yes, everyday kind of shoot out, convincing.
The kid has never been a good liar. Which proved useful when he caught him reeking of cigarettes in 8th grade, but now… it could have dire consequences. Iris has to be protected from all this at all costs, because if she so much as suspects something is going on, she will not rest until she finds the truth. He didn’t try to find anything today other than a runaway convict and he nearly got killed by an artificial cyclone. 
Joe tilts his head back for the paramedic to shine a light into his eyes and when he straightens up, Iris and Barry are already laughing at some inside joke. Try to keep up with these two. He smiles fondly just as Iris turns toward him and moves, Barry following suit.
“I’m fine.” Joe assures her again before she can ask and he relies what the paramedic said. Iris nods and then, to his surprise, she tilts her head to Thawne. “Detective? Are you alright?” Thawne nods briskly and answers with a laconic, “I will be, thank you.”
Iris’ face relaxes with relief for a man she ostensibly dislikes. The father in him registers his child’s compassion. The detective files that observation away for later.
“Can we go?” Iris asks him.
“I want nothing more.” Joe says.
That night, sleep doesn’t want to come. Joe tosses and turns in his bed, growing more and more annoyed at himself and the world for losing the precious hours designated for rest, until finally he throws the cover away and stands up, swallowing an expletive. Resigned, he taps barefoot down the stairs and into the kitchen, without bothering to flick the lights on, and pours himself a glass of water.
It’s not even the lack of sleep that grates him the most, it wouldn’t be the first nor the last time his mind kept him awake. The problem lays in not knowing the why. He’s rattled by the man-made tornado, of course, as any man with a working brain would be, but that shouldn’t be enough to enervate him this much, or so he’d like to think. Joe brushed with death more times he could ever admit in the presence of his daughter; today’s happenings were hardly even the most life-threatening of his experiences. He didn’t even get injured. 
And yet, there’s something at the back of his head that won’t give him a break. It probs and nettles, chasing sleep away, making him rethink the whole day, making him feel like he keeps forgetting about something important.
Well. Taking the freaking tornado out of equation, the man-made part remains. He has never seen anything like it. He would never believe in it if he didn’t see it. Joe hmms, leaning on the kitchen sink and sipping his water in the darkened room.
He spent over a decade letting Barry know what he thinks about his obsession with the supernatural, because he was thinking that was what the kid needed: a reality check. Joe chuckles without humour at the irony of it all, of Barry being the one to introduce him to the truth.
So, yes, guilt, embarrassment, compunction, he feels it all, alright. And it’s still not what’s keeping him up at his ungodly hour. If anything, today only drew him and his wayward step-son nigher and closed the ever-present rift between their world-views. He apologized to Barry and he will be damned if he lets anything happen to him. They’re going to work his powers out together and he’ll help him find the real killer of his mother.
And then it hits him. They’ll find other cases like Nora’s. Other disregarded witnesses. Other innocent people he put in jail.
Joe’s hand clenches at the glass and he forces himself to put it away, barely managing to aim onto the counter. He looks down at his hands and clenches them into fists to stop the sudden trembling.
Two months ago, double homicide. The DNA evidence on crime scene was damning enough to cancel out the lack of motif. Four month ago, armed robbery. Conflicting reports from eyewitnesses, the twenty two years old was found guilty by the jury anyway. Three years ago, he put handcuffs on a man suspected of killing his boss, even though he was seen elsewhere around the time of death.
The old cases pile up in his head, rows of data flying before his eyes and forming into patterns of negligence. If he only believed the scared eleven years old was telling the truth… if he took that into consideration, checked the evidence for discrepancies, asked witnesses more specific questions… Maybe Barry’s father would not be sentenced. And with him many other people, good, innocent people he put behind bars.
The next morning, with triple espresso surging through his veins, Joe sits at his desk. An old folder with a closed case marked ‘Jason Hicks’ lays before him. He opens it and starts reading.

(#spoilers for season 1 synopsis)

“What happened here?”

“Just your everyday kind of bad guy shoot-out.”

This is the last thing that reaches Joe before he walks out of the earshot. He allows himself a deep sigh as he gets to the ambulance and settles heavily at the edge of its floor. The hurt muscles of his shoulders sent him a jabbing reminder of what happened not longer than an hour ago.

“Light concussion.” Thawne points at his head with one finger. Joe glances at the patch of bandage Pretty Boy’s clutching against his forehead. It’s pure luck that concussion is the worst he has to worry about. Getting knocked out twice during one action was just… impressive. Joe ponders briefly if Thawne keeps a record of that as well as of his arrests.

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Ichabod and Abbie + Season 2 Promo [x]

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